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CRM or Customer Relationship management software is a solution used by companies of all sizes and different industries in an effort to improve their service levels, reach out to new customers, offer new solutions to existing customers and help generate revenue for the company. There are two types of CRM solutions: traditional or offline CRM solution and the unconventional or CRM online solution. As the name suggests, the traditional CRM solution is offline and has to be maintained and updated by the company that buys it. The CRM online solution resides at the vendor’s end and the provider is responsible for ensuring it runs smoothly and is constantly updated.

An online CRM combines both manual systems and automated systems. It has a variety of functionalities that combine analysis of customer contact data, access to updated customer data, access to customer’s history, market trending etc.

The dynamic functionality of the online CRM data can be gauged from the fact that it can combine the data of new potential customers who have emailed or called the company for an enquiry along with the data of new potential customers who have clicked on paid advertising links or visited the company website via search engine service.

Once the data is compiled, the online CRM solution can assign the leads to the sales force and alert their supervisor so that the time lag between arrival of a lead and contacting the lead is minimal. It can also allow the sales force to send out automated responses informing the lead that they are trying to get in touch with them.

Using an online CRM means huge savings for the company. In a traditional CRM, the company has to purchase server space and train its staff to maintain and update the CRM data regularly. Hence, this type of CRM solution is dependent on human intervention.

An online CRM solution, on the other hand, is hosted and maintained by the vendor. It can be programmed to constantly update the customer’s information so that if a customer has contacted the call center while the sales person is on the way, the sales person can access that data immediately and change his or her sales pitch.

Another benefit an online CRM solution offers is customization. Any company that uses an online CRM solution can add the modules it requires to run its daily operations. The company also has to option to select modules that will help it provide its client base with a more automated service thus differentiating between important services and basic services.

For example, a bank that uses an online CRM solution can have basic service details like balance, last five transactions etc. handled by the automated system and important services like fund transfer requests, card replacement requests handled by its phone banking officers. Based on call trends, the bank can remove or add services to the automated list or the manual list.

Thus, the Research Paper On Bipolar Disorder. system allows the bank to make changes to its systems immediately thus providing better service to its clientele.

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The last few years have been anything but easy for most of us that are in business. We have all had to work much harder to find new customers and do everything possible to keep the customers that we have, and that has meant ensuring that the level of service we supply is second to none. One thing that has helped many of us to achieve this is the use of a CRM system. CRM systems have many great benefits that they can provide to companies, but one of the best things about them is that they enable you to manage your customers. The following is a list of 5 simple steps to show how to use CRM for managing customers.

  • The first thing that you can use the system to do is create reports that will give you a true picture of what actually is happening. You will be able to find out who your best customers are, who are the worst, who has stopped relying on you, etc. This will enable you to create a new list of customers to target to increase sales. You can send your sales representatives out to investigate why an existing customer no longer uses your services and deal with any possible problems. You can also make sure that your best customers are rewarded for their loyalty.
  • Because you have all of your customer information in one easy to use database you will be able to provide a unique service. You employees can enter as much or as little information as you ask them to. But if they enter personal details, it will allow you to send birthday cards or ask after clients’ families. It will even allow you to identify which clients to invite along when you have free tickets to a sporting event because you will know who supports which team.
  • Most of the time, our customers are as pushed for time as we are. However, there is no excuse for a member of staff promising to go back to a client with information, a quote, an answer to a question, etc and then forgetting to do it. A CRM system will stop that happening quite easily. Once the employee has finished their interaction with the client, they update the relevant information. The system will then note that the employee promised to call back or contact by a certain date. The system will then alert the employee that they need to do this to ensure that they don’t forget.
  • 4. Following on from the fact that we are all a lot more pressed for time than we used to be, receiving lots of promotional information or marketing campaigns that have no relation to their business means that most customers will stop reading the info that you send through. CRM can create any number of reports within parameters that you set. This means that it can identify target customers for marketing campaigns and promotions and save you money and your clients’ time.
  • Finally, all of the information that is input into the CRM system can be used to help your business and increase sales and profitability. For example, if your sales rep visits a client and they mention a new site that is starting in a few months, your rep should put that into the notes section. The system will then identify this as a lead that will need chasing up in a few weeks and will either alert the rep or allocate the task to someone else, depending on how the system is directed. This will mean that you always know exactly what is happening in your area and you will be able to manage your customers perfectly.

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